Friday, June 26, 2009

Update and More!

Yesterday I went to meet my midwife, Peggy, for the first time and I immediately fell in love with her and her office assistant Kim! Her office is cozy and nicely set up in her basement (I know that sounds weird but her basement is really nice). Reed and I plan on having this baby at home. We couldn't be more comfortable and happy about this decision. We also plan on not having any sonograms done unless it is necessary, but we might get a 3D/4D one done later on just to have a look, maybe.

Also we are not planing on finding out the sex of this baby, we think it would be fun and make that day even more exciting (I am going to need some motivation to push this baby out!)to wait. Also we are going to keep the baby names we are thinking about to ourselves. Yes that means everything that day in January will be a surprise to all we know! Now if you are close to me you might already know some of the names we have thought about in the past, so to those of you who might have some idea of our baby names you better keep your mouth shut! cough**Ashley**cough...

If you wanna check out my midwife and what she is all about here is her website-

Also if I have previously mentioned it before Reed and I are pretty sure now that we will be moving to Houston, Texas come March 2010! Yea!!!

Other than that the girls are just getting bigger and bigger everyday and learning to talk more everyday. I have some new pictures I need to upload but we have been so busy at home I am way behind on that! I will try later this weekend to get those up!

Monday, June 1, 2009


On Memorial Day Reed and I found out we were expecting again! Man, were we suprised ourselves by this news. We are very excited and nervous at the same time. We always planned on having a third child so we are very excited about that. I am feeling that this time it will be a boy. And no I have no idea if we are having twins again or not. We have only a 5% chance of conceiveing twins again so we will have to wait and see. We are just hoping for one though. Wish us luck and I will keep you updated as time passes!

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