Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Well we did it folks! We got out of the house and met some friends at a local pumpkin patch! It was so much fun seeing an old friend from high school again and getting to meet her 2 year old son! But best of all we got some great pictures of the girls! The costumes they are wearing are ones made by hand by the one and only me! What do you think. I didn't get to finish the wings but I think that they look good anyways. Grace is a ladybug and Kaylee is a bumble bee!

The girls are just so much fun to be around right now! They amaze us everyday with the things they can do. Kaylee just got her 2nd front tooth in this weekend and Grace is starting to let go and stand for 10-15 seconds on her own! I bet they are walking before Thanksgiving... I am in so much trouble.

Here are some more photos... Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 1/2 months... from the begining till now

I used to be able to hold them with one arm and they fit on my chest side by side. Together they weighed no more than 13 lbs then now they weigh 40 lbs together. Wow what a difference 7 months make.

The girls are more and more amazing every day. They are eating all sorts of food from meat, yogurt, all veggies, oatmeal, pasta, rice, teething cookies and fruit. They love it all... but I think like most babies they love the fruit the best. When Kaylee eats her fruit or anything that tastes really good to her she goes yumm yummm uhmmm uhhmmm all while eating it... its so funny.

Kaylee has her top front tooth coming in and it doesn't seem to bother her at all, and she loves to rub her tongue across her new tooth all day. Grace just talks and talks all day and never quits making sounds (she is so my daughter). They are both crawling & pulling themselves up on furniture (and have been for some time now). Kaylee is also starting to let go of the furniture and stand/balance on her own... I swear she will be walking before the end of this year.

We are going to a pumpkin patch this weekend with an old friend of mine from high school who lives out here with her husband and son. So hopefully we will have some new pictures to post from there... Maybe I will have there Halloween costumes done and they can wear them there. We shall see!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dedication of this blog site...

So you wanna know things about me, huh? Well, I am a
mother to the best kids in the world Kaylee & Grace. They were born on Feb. 26th 2008, just 8 minutes apart.

this was me 5 days before I gave birth--->

Reed and I decided in October of 2006 we would start trying to have kids. A month and a half later we found out we were pregant but we lost that baby on our 2nd year anniversay. Then in Feb. 07 we found out we were pregnant again only to find out in April during an ultrasound that there was no heartbeat. We were devistated yet again. Then on July 3rd on my last day of college classes that I would ever have before I graduated we found out we were pregnant again. We were super cautious but very excited. On August 5th I woke up and just thought something was wrong so we went to the ER and there not only did we found out that everything was okay with the baby but that we were having TWINS!!! We were so excited and scared at the same time.

See ever since I was a little girl I had dreamed of having twin girls. Yes I have always truely wanted to have twins. I think I felt that way because my mom was a twin and I just thought that that would be the neatest thing in the world to have. Needless to say "be careful what you ask for"... So I was scared but way excited when we got the news.

Now when Reed and I said we wanted to start our family we never dreamed we would be having two children at once.

I had a great pregnancy and carried the babies full term at 38 weeks 3day gestation. I was as big as a house, measuring in at 57 inches around (that is alomst 5 feet around). I was induced due to high blood pressure and was able to give birth to the twins vaginally and without any pain medications... it was a wonderful experience. Kaylee was 6lb 15oz and Grace was 6lb 6oz.

My girls are beautiful and wonderful and I look forward to getting to know them, teach them and love on them for the rest of their lives.

Oh, and If you want to know if Reed and I plan on having any more kids... the answer to that is yes. We can't figure out if it would be better to spread them out (and if so by how many years) or to just get it all over with and knock them out one right after the other... We are not going there anytime soon b/c we are just enjoying the twins right now and plus we just got new insurance and so we have to wait 6 months before they will cover a pregnancy... (stupid insurance...) so for now we have put off discussion on more kids until Feb. 09. We are hoping for a boy next that way if we want to stop we have a complete family of boys and girls but who knows... (secrectly we want twin boys... we think it would be great but what are the odds of that, I mean the odds of natually conceiving twins is 1 in 80 but the chances of you concieving a 2nd set of twins (faternal) is 1 in 20) so the chance is there...

Stay tuned to more about the twins: