Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

It was another wonderful simple holiday that came and went way to fast a usual. Reed and I wanted to thank all of our friends and family who spent the time and extra money to mail us Christmas gifts, we appreciated all you did for us!

Reed and I tried to make this Christmas as special as we could with our girls since this was our first Christmas with them (if you remember last year we spend it at Reed's parents house) creating and starting tradtions of our very own! We opend up our stocking on Christmas Eve and the rest of the presents on Christmas Day! On Christmas Day I mad a ham dinner for Reed, every year he asks for ham and he always gets turkey, with just a few homemade fixings!

Oh, and "Santa Clause" a.k.a. Reed, stayed up until nearly 3 am putting together the girls toy box and kitchen set! I cleaned and watched him do it all from the comfort of the couch!

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... ...

Reed and I estimate that we got atleast 18inches to 2 feet of snow this weekend! It was beautiful and breath taking! We just sat and watched it snow for over 24 hours and saw our little world outside our house change!! The girls enjoyed watching the snow fall and eating it as well! Here is what it looked like for us this weekend... the girls crawling through the snow! reed's car

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holding Hands!

A few days ago the girls decided that it would be okay for them to touch each other in a kind way that didn't involve any hitting or pushing... yes, they walked around the house holding each others hand. I almost cried. In the video you will see them try to hug also and Kaylee ducking Grace's attemts at giving her some sisterly affection! Enjoy!

Kaylee/Grace: The Cowardly/Cute Lion!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Mr. Baby and Me at 35 weeks!

Today is Reed and I 5Th wedding anniversary and since I was dressed up we took a picture of my and Mr. Baby at 35 weeks along!

I am very uncomfortable at this point and will be sending Mr. Baby his first letter to "vacate the premises" come New Years! I must admit I am not one of those women who love being pregnant, not at all! I love my children but I think I have physically hard pregnancies and I don't like being big and uncomfortable at all.

I had my 34/35 week appointment yesterday at my midwife's house and everything is going well with me and baby, no problems at all! I am having my first home visit from my midwife on the 28Th, so that she knows how to get to my house and the layout of everything! I couldn't be more excited about this home birth! I have all of my birthing supplies bought/ordered and ready to go! We also have Mr. Baby's stuff all set up and ready to go in our room and all of his clothes washed and put away... now we just need the baby! We are ready to meet him!

35 weeks along

And just for comparison this was me pregnant at 35 weeks with the twins!

The Hulk(s)!

So last weekend we let the girls play with their finger paints and well they both decided that painting on paper was too old school so they went for something better... their faces! So finger paints became face paints! lol
Grace decorating her face w/her finger paints!
Kaylee decorating her face w/her finger paints!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our First Visit to See Santa Clause!!

Today we went to the mall so that we could get the girls photo taken with Santa Clause! There was no line at all, thank God!, and we walked right up put the girls on his lap and walked away! Grace sat there looking terrified and Kaylee just screamed! So, we let two more families get their photo taken and we decided to that the only way we are going to get the shot is if Reed and I sit with the girls on our laps. Now keep in mind Reed and I were not expecting to be in the picture at all and were not dressed for the occasion at all but our $20 that we would spend on two photos needed to be worth the price so here is the Murray Family Photo with Santa, enjoy!!!