Monday, September 21, 2009

Twin and Baby Boy Murray Update

This Friday I had a prenatal appointment with the doctor and they said everything was looking good and I was measuring 22 cm and the heartbeat sounded great! I have only gained like 2 lbs since i found out I was pregnant and she wanted to see me gain more than that but I still had some previous baby weight on me so I just figure I already had some meat on these old bones and no need to gain much weight yet... lol

The girls also had their 18th month appointment and as usual they are off the charts in height and weight.

Grace is 34.5" (off the charts) and 26.5 lbs (90%tile)
Kaylee is 34" (97%tile) and 24.5 lbs (50%tile)

The doctor said that she was noticing that Grace is slightly knocked-kneed and that we need to keep her from sleeping on her knees at night and keep her sitting during the day with legs out strait in front of her or crossed leg. She also noted that Kaylee is very very flat footed and that we just need to watch her as she got older to make sure it didn't cause her any problems.

Other than that they are healthy and happy toddlers...

National Zoo

On Sunday to continue our birthday celebrations we went to the National Zoo in D.C. We had a blast seeing elephants, gorillas, gazelles, cheetas, etc. I think the next time we go we will go early in the morning and observe the feeding times of all the animals b/c we got there mid afternoon and they were all sleeping... oh well, the girls loved seeing all the animals!

Daddy's 29th Bday w/the Twins!

Well Reed turned 29 this past weekend and we celebrated it simply like we like to do it. Friday we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings and had dinner and Saturday we let Daddy get some much needed sleep and relax all day and had dinner at home with some homemade cupcakes. We love you babe and happy birthday!

Dad enjoying his cupcake!
kaylee enjoying her cake
Grace enjoying her cupcake

dad's cupcake-cake we made for him!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Fun w/the Twins!

Just enjoy the pictures!

playing in the rain! Daddy's teaching them to catch rain water in their mouths!
Kaylee way to excited about being dirty!
Grace way to proud of the mess she made!
Kaylee finger painting
Grace enjoying finger painting!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a healthy baby....

BOY!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't be happier and more excited! I posted all of the images below of our baby boy! At the end of the blog I posted a picture of me when I was pregnant with the twins at 2o weeks and me currently pregnant with one baby at 20 weeks, and I have to say I don't notice much of a difference... let me ask for some prayers that I don't get to be 52" around again with one baby! lol



Baby boy's foot

It's a Boy! "The Money Shot!"
Me at 20 weeks 9-8-09
This is me currently 20 weeks pregnant with our baby boy 9-8-09

and just for comparison, this is me pregnant at 20 weeks with the twins! 10-22-07


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update on Baby Murray # 3

I am 20 weeks now and have been feeling better this past month, well better than the first 15 weeks! I am still having a hard time finding food I can eat without making wanna vomit, and I am already uncomfortable unfortunately and having a hard time sleeping and my hips/shoulders hurt all night long when I sleep. We are feeling the baby move more and more everyday and now Reed can feel baby murray all the time! Other than that everything is going well.

We have decided to use the hospital here for our delivery due our health insurance company refusing to pay our midwife at all, we are not particularly happy about that but who know it could be for some other reason God has for us?

We are having a sonogram done on this Tuesday, September 8Th to find out the sex! We are so excited!

Weekend of fun Part III: Bush Garden

The morning after we were done at the beach we left to Williamsburg, VA to Bush Gardens to go to a corporate gathering there for Reed's work! We got there around noon and spend five hours at the park and all we got accomplished was lunch, one ride, 30 mins on the Sesame Street playground, a 15 min 3D show and a long trip to the First Aids office because Grace took a head dive out of the stroller and busted about a 1/4" gash in her forehead... And we were done... but we were glad we tired something new with the girls...



Weekend of fun Part II: VA-Beach

The first night we were there we finally got out to the beach 1/2 hour before it got dark and tried to get in some beach fun and just to get the girls feet wet! Grace loved the waves coming into shore and we had to hold her back from just diving head first into the water! Kaylee didn't like it as much so she just played in the sand and built sandcastles!

The next morning we ate breakfast and went and played in the Ocean! It was a beautiful day and the waves were huge, at least 6-8' high!!! Me and Kaylee spend most of the morning playing in the sand with other kids and Dad and Grace played on the shoreline and let the waves crash and hit them!

It was fun playing on the beach and in the ocean with the girls but cleaning sand off of two 18 month olds and yourself is not so much fun... lots of tears from everyone... lol

Enjoy the pictures!

Kaylee being Kaylee
Grace giving us her best end!

Grace throwing sand in the air

Dad and Grace enjoying the ocean!

Weekend of fun Part I: VA-Beach Aquarium

Reed and I took at two day mini vacation to Virginia Beach two weekends ago! One of our first stops was at the Aquarium there by our hotel. The girls had a great time running around the place and looking a live animals instead of seeing them only in books or on TV! But mainly I think they just like running around! The aquarium it self was okay and had some neat stuff to see in there like sharks, huge sea turtles and lots of fish, but about a 1/3 of their exhibits were "under construction" so there wasn't a lot to see... I think we should of gotten a discount for that! Oh, well.

Enjoy the pictures

Do you see Kaylee's sweet reflexion in the glass?
The girls spent 15 minutes running/laughing going back and forth pressing the two black button... we paid $30 to let them press buttons!

K & G enjoying the fish tanks!