Friday, September 3, 2010

Picture update for August!

Oh, Grace! She is my wild child, as loud as can be and always pushing the limits to see if we are serious or see how much she can get away with! She keep us on our toes and is great at keeping us busy! She absolutely loves her brother and can't get enough of him, she will play peekaboo with him and is always trying to make him laugh! This girl also loves to sing... she can sing itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, abc's and happy birthday!

My Kaylee! She is just a blast! She love to dress up and loves to talk. Infact she loves to talk so much she can barely get all of her thoughts out. She is really starting to understand the emotions she is feeling and lets us know when she has... ie... she will say "I am happy", she tells us "You hurt my feelings", she says, "I'm scared" or she will say "I don't like that" ! Its so wonderful not to have to quess how she is feeling at the moment. She is also a really great artist and loves to color in all the eyes and circles on pictures and she can draw her own pictures too like: flowers, jelly fish, balloons, circles, spiders and smilely faces ...

Gavin also turned 7 months at then end of August! Seriously he is going to be going off to college soon! Right now he has mastered the baby army crawl... don't think he will be walking by 9 months like his sisters but you never know... i will keep you posted on that one! He is still the happiest baby I have ever met! He is down to two naps a day anywhere from 1-3 hours at a time and continues to sleep through the night (thank you Jesus!) Other than that he is happy, healthy and terrific!

Early August my Dad comes for a visit with my little brother Micheal(6) and sister Ellie (9) and my stepmom Yvette! Now it's been almost 20 months since we have seen my Dad and the rest of the family (execpt for a short 3 hour visit last November, don't think that counts as quality time).

I would post some more but blogger is being a pain in the ... you know what and I am to frustrated to post anymore... if I find some more time I will update you on Reed and I ... like you care... lol


swampabst said...

Well, I care about you and Reed :) Glad to see the kids are basking in the summer fun. Say howdy to Reed for me and tell him to grasp on to those last remnants of his
20s. See ya soon

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