Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Pictures!!!

Here are are a few of our pictures we took on the 4th! We had a blast and the girls loved the fireworks, they were tired and cranky when 9:15 finally came around but when the first fire cracker when off they sat in our laps and just watch them. The girls went dancing for a solid hour and ran around the rest of the day in a big field while we waited for fireworks! All and all it was a great day and we all enjoyed it very much! Oh, and we will find out next Friday if a picture of our girls showing off their dance moves made it to the local newspaper, all we know is they took their pictures and asked our names and where we were from!

I would type more and tell you everything that is going on but I am tired and pregnant and I wanna go to bed. So enjoy the pictures!

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Stephanie said...

Too adorable! Were they featured in the paper?