Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Well we did it folks! We got out of the house and met some friends at a local pumpkin patch! It was so much fun seeing an old friend from high school again and getting to meet her 2 year old son! But best of all we got some great pictures of the girls! The costumes they are wearing are ones made by hand by the one and only me! What do you think. I didn't get to finish the wings but I think that they look good anyways. Grace is a ladybug and Kaylee is a bumble bee!

The girls are just so much fun to be around right now! They amaze us everyday with the things they can do. Kaylee just got her 2nd front tooth in this weekend and Grace is starting to let go and stand for 10-15 seconds on her own! I bet they are walking before Thanksgiving... I am in so much trouble.

Here are some more photos... Enjoy!

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