Tuesday, December 2, 2008

9 month Appointment!!

Well the girls are growing like weeds and their 9 month appointment confirmed that! Here are their stats!

Grace: Wt. 20 lbs 1 oz, Ht. 28 in.
Kaylee: Wt. 18 lbs 15 oz, Ht. 28 in.

Grace has also mastered the art of walking this weekend. This past Sunday she took 2 steps all on her own and today she is up to 8-10 steps... She is walking now... I think that Kaylee is not to far behind. Man I am in so much trouble... but at the same time it is so exciting b/c walking means more freedom for them and less having me having to carry them around all the time... but I also think that that means the word "NO" is going to be our new vocabulary word!

The girls are also both able to climb the stairs all by themselves, they just fly up and laugh and giggle the whole time. We are also in the process of teaching them to wave bye-bye and hi, but for the most part they just stare at us with a blank expression on their face like we are crazy! But Grace and Kaylee are starting to wave their hands a little.

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