Thursday, November 27, 2008

Granny Gwen & Grandad Kipp Come for a visit!

This past weekend we were blessed with a wonderful visit from Reed's parents (a.k.a. Granny Gwen and Grandad Kipp!). They flew in on Thursday afternoon and stayed till Monday morning. It was such a wonderful visit and I know that the girls really enjoyed being spoiled rotten by them and not having just to play with mommy all weekend.

During the weekend Grace sprouted 2 more teeth (that makes 8 in all now) and showed off her mad walking skills by pushing her lawnmower to help her walk for the first time and Kaylee started that the day after they left...

We had our own Thanksgiving feast (everything Gwen and I whipped up from scratch in 6 hours) and the girls loved their candied yams, mashpotatoes, stuffing, turkey and for desert homemade ice cream! They were in food heaven!!!

We also all made it out to the Manassas battle fields where the Battle of Bull Run was faught. And we made it into D.C. and viewed the space museum. Other than that we just chilled at the house and tried to stay out of the cold and wind. Here are some of the moments we caught! Enjoy!

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