Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11 Months Old! Where does the time go?

Sorry it's been a while since I have posted an update but things have been very busy in the Murray house! The girls are both running all over the place now and getting into everything. There is now no safe place to put anything that they are not supposed to be into b/c they are into everything. They also love to taking their baths. They are also starting their sibling rivalry already, they fight about toys and who gets to sit on our laps. But they also have a ton of sweet moments playing together and when they are they are always laughing at each other. But no matter what they always play side by side never apart I am so glad they have each other.

Things new with Kaylee: Lets see... She has learned to shake her head back and forth when I tell her NO! She has learned how to get on the couch all on her own and how to get up on her activity tables and stand on top of them. She loves for me to stack blocks/cups just so she can knock them down and she is so close to saying so many words like "cah" is for cat and "baa" is for ball, she can get the first syllable down but can't get the last part of the word. She loves to sit on our laps and cuddle and suck her thumb... She is also a great eater and eats anything and everything that she can feed herself. She will not allow me to feed her anymore... her favorite thing to do is dance... she loves the theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise... (NOTE the video)

Things new with Grace: Lets see... she is getting good at running and climbing the stairs... they both refuse to let me carry them anymore up the stairs they want to crawl... she can also climb onto her activity table and stand up... She also has this fasination with hitting everything to her forehead, it's almost her way of figuring it out instead of putting it into her mouth. She is also my best eater of all she loves all food and eats it as fast as she can shovel it into her mouth. She likes to stick her tounge out at you and make all sorts of noise with her mouth... and she is also saying the same words as K is we are working on the last syllable.

Other than that we are enjoying our first snow days and we are getting their 1st birthday party together. Enjoy the photos and video clips


Cutest Twins Ever said...

That was PRECIOUS! Other than the great eaters, our kids are just so similar!

Stephanie said...

That was so adorable! I love watching them dance! :-D It just keeps getting better!