Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in Texas!

We flew out of VA on the 18th and it was a long trip but the girls did great! I swear I have the best two kids ever! They absolutely love flying... everyone told us it was going to be hell with them and that take off and the landing would be the hardest b/c of thier ears popping... well not my girls... they either laughed looking out the window or fell asleep... Not to say it wasn't hard having two 10 month old constantly in your lap/arms for 8 hours straight!

When we got to TX we were greeted by all our friends and family for a little party for our 4 yr anniversary and our return to TX!! Later on Reed's Grandparents (Kipp's parents) came in for 4 days! This was the first time they had ever met K&G it was so nice seeing them.

I also had my mom, dad, sisters crystal and lisa and mary come in to visit since we did not get to make it down to S'ville b/c Kaylee had her first cold! My girls had never been sick before... I blame it on the plane or sick visitors!!! But all is well now and they just have runny noses!

The girls had a spectatular Christmas and were showered with gifts from all sides of the family and a ton of my friends! I can't thank you enough!!

The girls are happy to be home and so are we. So enjoy the pictures and hope all of you received your Christmas Cards!!!

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Cutest Twins Ever said...

are u still here?? We want to play!! Send me an email and let's get together!!