Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Summer already?

Yep, that's right folks we braved 40 degree weather and went to the local indoor pool to give the girls a taste of the summer to come. I was not very happy to have to get into my bathing suit in March but it was so worth seeing my girls love the water.

Kaylee was very timid and cold the whole time, even though it was like 85 degrees in the room and the water was really warm. I think she was scared b/c there were so many people/kids around her splashing her and not giving her a chance to figure things out before she tired it. So she just hung around our necks and shivered.

Now, Grace, on the other hand loved the water. They had a kid pool that was only 1 foot deep and it had lots of fountains and things to play with in the water. She didn't want us to hold her hand all she wanted to do is run in the water! She would go under every 30 seconds and she drank like a gallon of pool water but she loved it and is a true pisces!


Cutest Twins Ever said...

How fun! Where is this pool? I think my boys would love something like this. Jake LOVES the water. It's been so nice here we've been going to the park A LOT! Miss the Murrays :) :)

Ashley Nicole said...

look at that hair! omg! not reed's the girls! the picture describes what you said. kaylee looks not that happy and grace is saying "dad let me down I need to attack and drink that water"

Stephanie said...

So adorable (both the swim/gym pics)! I wish Katie loved the water like that; maybe David will be a fishie like Grace! Your girls are so cute!

ajaolson said...

I'm so glad to see mine isn't the only one with bruises on the forehead! Do you have them in swim lessons?