Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twins take on the Gym!!

For the last 3 weeks I have been taking the girls to a little gym class twice a week at JW Tumbles. This is the first activity the girls and me have done on our own. It is hard getting all three of us out the door and on time but we do it! Our Monday class is really small and we are the only ones who attend, but on our Wednesday Class three other babies attend. The girls get to climb on all different slides, play with bubbles, learn new songs, push a big rolling mat across the room (aka- "the hotdog"), play in a ball pit, learn to go up/down inclines, swing, and play with lots of new toys. They do well and it's nice to see them enjoy themselves. Now the pictures I am posting are not all that great because it is hard to help the girls do the activites, keep you eye on both of them and take a picture all at the same time but they will give you some idea on what they are doing...

P.S. Swimming pictures comming soon!

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Ashley Nicole said...

They are so big! Their hair is getting so long and thick.I am happy for you going out and doing this. You are a great mom!