Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun!!!

We had a wonderfully simple Easter with the girls and our very dear friends John and Kelly Kent! They came over with lunch and Easter treats for the girls and they helped the girls hunt Easter eggs! thanks Kelly for taking pictures of us!

This is John and Kelly practicing for kids of their own! Someday I am sure, but for now I think they will just borrow ours!
Grace enjoying the mess she made with her Easter grass!
Kaylee giving us a cute smirk!

Yep, it was a mess in the back yard, and thanks John for gladly picking up every strand when we were done!


girltravelor said...

You guys look so cute! Your daughters are beautiful! Hope you are well. We miss you guys and always enjoy hearing from you.

Stephanie said...

LOL Cute pictures! The girls are so adorable!

Mamie said...

ALEX!!! hey! I am so glad you found me!! your girls are so big! oh I miss you guys!! how is life?