Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Weather = Lots of Outdoor fun!!!

This past weekend we all enjoyed some terrific weather, here in VA it was 90-95 degrees all weekend. I think we tried to make the most of the good weather and spent all of our weekend outside, and the girls just loved every moment of it.
Kaylee filling up her bucket
Grace drinking from the bucketBoth girls drinking from the bucket

this was my favorite shot of the day!

The girls trampling throughout the back yard!

Digging up the backyard


Missie said...

I cannot believe how big your girls have gotten! And so gosh-darn cute!
Looks like you guys are doing well! Good to hear from you... and glad I have your blog now.
Oh. PS. Mark says to tell Reed hi!

Stephanie said...

They're so adorable! I LOVE that shot of their booties! LOL You two do good work, well, Alex - you're the one in charge! You rock, girl!

When's the big move back to TX?

Mallak said...

Great shots, Alex! I can't believe how much they've grown. They're starting to look like real little people.:-)

Cutest Twins Ever said...

The girls just keep getting cuter and cuter! We sure hope to see our girls for a get together asap!

Mamie said...

UMMMM they are so big!!!! I love it! We miss you guys!