Monday, August 10, 2009

My Texas Tornados!!!

Well, Reed and I conquered another long road trip with the girls and survived! The trip down there was great and the girls did rather well for having to be strapped in the car for two whole days! Grace still was a little sick and had diarrhea off and on and that made for lots and lots of pit stops along the way but we all had fun being together on a new adventure!
We left VA around 6:30am and arrived in our hotel room in Jackson, TN at 9:00p.m.! As you can see Reed had a blast tossing the girls around from bed to bed in the hotel! GRACE KAYLEE

The next morning we left Jackson, TN around 8:30 a.m. and finished up our trip at 7:40 p.m. in my home town of Stephenville, TX! It was so wonderful to see all my brothers and sisters and my nieces/nephews that I haven't seen in over a year! We stayed at my Mom's house the whole time and just relaxed and played with the girls! Reed only stayed from Thursday (the day we left town) until Monday morning and I stayed the rest of the week by myself at my moms! It was a great visit and something I needed to do, because I miss my family so much. Then my two best friends' Ashley and Jacklyn helped me drive the girls back to VA where we got to spend a few more days together exploring D.C. Thanks you two from the bottom of my heart!
The girls playing outside with the farm animals on my mom's property!My mom holding up a chicken so the girls to pet it!my mom eating watermelon with the twinsThe girls playing with Grammy's water hose with their cousin Gracie

We also got to visit with Reed's parents for a day in Granbury, TX! We met at the lake were the city had built a public sandy beach area where you can play in the lake and a small little water fountain park! We had a blast!

The girls destroying Grammy's little defenseless tree limb by limb
Kaylee in her baby cage! lol
Kaylee chewing on grass

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Ashley Nicole said...

It sucks we didn't get any pictures with the girls to document out time. Gosh what were we thinkin?