Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

It was another wonderful simple holiday that came and went way to fast a usual. Reed and I wanted to thank all of our friends and family who spent the time and extra money to mail us Christmas gifts, we appreciated all you did for us!

Reed and I tried to make this Christmas as special as we could with our girls since this was our first Christmas with them (if you remember last year we spend it at Reed's parents house) creating and starting tradtions of our very own! We opend up our stocking on Christmas Eve and the rest of the presents on Christmas Day! On Christmas Day I mad a ham dinner for Reed, every year he asks for ham and he always gets turkey, with just a few homemade fixings!

Oh, and "Santa Clause" a.k.a. Reed, stayed up until nearly 3 am putting together the girls toy box and kitchen set! I cleaned and watched him do it all from the comfort of the couch!

Enjoy the pictures!


swampabst said...

Aha! I see the cat! Victory! :) I'm so glad you guys had a great X-Mas. Congrats to Reed for building that playset...looks complex-- R

Cutest Twins Ever said...

What an awesome Kitchen!! Good job Santa.