Friday, December 18, 2009

Mr. Baby and Me at 35 weeks!

Today is Reed and I 5Th wedding anniversary and since I was dressed up we took a picture of my and Mr. Baby at 35 weeks along!

I am very uncomfortable at this point and will be sending Mr. Baby his first letter to "vacate the premises" come New Years! I must admit I am not one of those women who love being pregnant, not at all! I love my children but I think I have physically hard pregnancies and I don't like being big and uncomfortable at all.

I had my 34/35 week appointment yesterday at my midwife's house and everything is going well with me and baby, no problems at all! I am having my first home visit from my midwife on the 28Th, so that she knows how to get to my house and the layout of everything! I couldn't be more excited about this home birth! I have all of my birthing supplies bought/ordered and ready to go! We also have Mr. Baby's stuff all set up and ready to go in our room and all of his clothes washed and put away... now we just need the baby! We are ready to meet him!

35 weeks along

And just for comparison this was me pregnant at 35 weeks with the twins!

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