Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Waiting... ....

So I am sitting at 39 weeks and 3 days, just praying for Mr. Baby to get here! As you can see by the picture below I am tired and just getting bigger and bigger all over!!! I am ready to get this on the road and have my body back!

I had an appointmetn with my Midwife today and she still feels him high in my pelvis so she said that it might be a while longer... grrrrrrrrrr is all I could think. Well I hope you enjoy the picture hopefully something will happen this week!


Stephanie said...

I wish jumping up and down would jiggle him down. Why move out when life is good in there? Boys are so weird.

I can't believe how grown up the girls look!!!!!!!!

Anjea said...

I hope he comes soon for your sake! Does it at least help that it's wintertime so you're not dying in the heat? (I will be as I'm due in July...in central Texas... *sigh*)

Are the girls excited? They've gotten so big!!