Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 weeks old!

So Mr. Gavin just had his first appointment with the midwives this past Tuesday and he is looking great and he weighs in at a whopping 9lb 14oz! Needless to say he is a wonderful eater and is thriving! He still is a wonderful baby to take care of and pretty darn easy to get along with.

I have learned a few things about him though. One of which is if you stroke his cheek with your fingers oh so very softly you can get him to smile 90% of the time! He loves to sleep with his Mommy and Daddy all day long if he could but he will also sleep all on his own just fine too. Also changing his diapers is like playing a game of hot potato and you never know when the buzzer is going to go out on you and your left with a hott-mess of pee or poop, sometimes both, all over you before you get the new fresh diaper on! He pees on me everyday and has squeezed out a poop or two all over me! oh well! I love him anyways!

Also I always thought I would be happy with only having daughters, but now that I have a little boy I have to admit I really, really love having him in my life! He brings a new feeling to our home and family and I love him for that! Having a son is amazing!


Anjea said...

He's a cutie!

Are you familiar with PeePee Teepees? I bought some for my SIL before my nephew was born - she loves them! They're also easy to make:

Stephanie said...

He's so stinking cute! Yup, boys are fun like that; David sprayed the wall several times, let alone me! I agree though, boys are so wonderful. Until they start tackling their sisters and beating them for fun! :-)