Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gavin is 2 Weeks Old Today!

Okay, seriously where does the time go? My little man is amazing and fits perfectly into our little...errr... who am I kidding, little-big family! He is such and easy baby from day one! All he does is eat, sleep and poop! And he does all three really, really well! He is a natural at breastfeeding and only wakes me up once at night to eat! Now you may think, yeah but I bet he is not eating as much as he needs to... well when he was born he weighed 8lb 8oz and lost 8oz of that in the first 2 days, until my milk came in and now he is almost 9.5lbs in two weeks! That's right he loves that milk!

He also has a darker complexion than both Reed and I, and maybe that is due to the fact that he was conceived on Cinco de Mayo, and has black hair and blue eyes! He also makes Daddy fall asleep every time he holds him and Gavin like to fall asleep every time I hold him, so basically the men of my house are sleeping 24/7! loldaddy passed out

You know people always tell you that good thing come in small packages and with Gavin that is so true! Now most of you know we didn't exactly plan to have a third kid so soon after the girls were born but I tell you what I really couldn't be happier to have my son in my life at this moment! He really does make a great addition to our family.

Now I am sure you are wondering about the girls and how they have reacted to baby brother. Well Kaylee just loves him to death and is completely enamored with him and wants to hold him, kiss him, and touch him all the time and has from day one. Grace at first really didn't want anything to do with him at all and she was throwing huge temper tantrums and just acting out but over the past few days she has begun to love her brother and kiss and touch him and since has stopped all her acting out and back to her old self!Kaylee loving on brother


Anjea said...

He's so adorable! I'm glad he has been an easy transition into the family. Of course, after twins on the first go 'round, one probably seems easy-peasy, and it's luck that he's an easy baby too! Love the pictures. :D


swampabst said...

Cute pictures. I'm glad the girls have adjusted. I'm sure they can't wait to have Gavin at their B-Day party--R

Stephanie said...

The bottom pic is priceless, especially the look on his face. :-)