Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Kiddos!

I know how fast your kids grow up, I feel it and wittiness it everyday with the twins! Some days it feels like my children have been in my life for as long as I can remember and at the same time it feels like I just found out I was pregnant yesterday!

When we found out we were pregnant with Gavin we were shocked and worried how will we be able to handle another little one? But that's where life is amazing... at first it seems like it is an impossible daunting task to have three kids, but really its no harder than it is to have two! Gavin blends right into the routine and is the a wonderful addition to our family, wouldn't change a thing!

Speaking of my Little Man, Gavin has grown so much and his little happy personality is starting to really come out! He is turning 3 months tomorrow and I can' t hardly believe it at all! Here are some of the things he is up to now a days!

3 Months:
15 lbs 80th%tile
25.75" long 95th%tile
blow spit bubble/raspberries
making lots of sweet cooing noises
wears size two diapers
fits 3-6 month clothing
laughs at his mom/dad making silly noises
love so smile at his sisters
holding his head up really well while on his belly
sleeps from 9:30p.m.-6/7 a.m.-ish

Simply put, this little man is amazing and a true joy!

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swampabst said...

Happy Camper? ha! Too cute. Gavin rocks. What's with that smile? What is he thinking about?--R