Friday, July 30, 2010

In the Good Old Summer Time

The girls are also, like their brother Gavin, are growing like weeds right before my very eyes! We are in the trenches of potty training and they are both doing really well, even though we have accidents here and there they are my "Potty Rock Stars" as I like to call them. The picture below is after their first hair cut (more like trim) I gave them... I figure as long as it is just a trim I can save some money and do it myself.
And like I mention before the girls are really enjoying the local pool here... Once they are done and we are in the car they pass out before we get home, and we live like 2 miles from the pool... so cute!

Also against my own advice I started Gavin on solid foods and I must admit he is really enjoying it termindously... I can't feed him fast enough.
Mr. Man (aka Gavin) is already making his first attempts to crawl! Now this one is a phase I have been dreading as that means he can get into everything and have access to more then the little area around him... it's going to be a trip w/the girls and him running are around ...
Mr. Man has also decided that he can now sit on his own and he is loving every minute of being a big boy!
Oh, and here are Mr. Man's stats from his 6 month appointment this week:
17lb 5oz (47th%)
27 inchs long (65th%)
Healthy as a horse and happy as ever!


Anjea said...

Love the pictures - especially of the girls crashed out! Too funny!

How do you like the gPants?


Murray Family said...

Thanks! We love them... they are so easy to use and it's hard to find a store you can just go and buy them at had whole foods and babies r us carries them... makes it easier to buy then online...

swampabst said...

Such wonderful pictures. Gavin seems to be taking good care of yall., crawling through the house making sure everything and everyone is okay. :) Thanks for the pics.