Wednesday, July 21, 2010

News Flash!

Gavin turned 6 months, today! Wow, where did half a year go, as Reed put it? My little baby is growing up fast! He can roll all over the place and he has his first two bottom teeth, and laughs at everyone who talks to him. He loves his toys and being tossed in the air and his naps! We haven't started him on solid foods yet, because feeding babies this young solid food is just a long production and a huge mess, so we are going to wait until we feel it is more necessary than just another stage to go through.

The kiddo's and I have been enjoying the local pool at the Frisco Athletic Club up the street, and at some point they will get to enjoy the daycare center and let mommy have a break.

My mom came in for a visit and that was wonderful to have her so close again that she can come over more often, even if she is 2 hours a way, it beats 22 hours away. She brought me some delicious farm fresh eggs, we love it!

And that's about it! Sorry our life isn't any more interesting than that.

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Anjea said...

Don't wait too long on solid foods - babies often develop texture aversions if they're not exposed to different things early enough, which in turn makes transitioning to solid foods a major battle. There's no good way to predict which kids will have issues vs those who don't, but I just wanted to give you an alternative line of thought! Hope I'm not overstepping my place! (source: professional experience with feeding issues in pediatric populations)

He is such a cutie! It seems like you just had him a few weeks ago!