Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Fun!!

Things are cold but beautiful around here. As you can see from the first picture fall is in full bloom! The picture is what I see when I look out my back door... pretty good view huh? I am sure the trees will be bare soon and full of snow hopefully.

We hope to take the girls out one more time to get one last fill of the fun leaves! For now we are busy getting our house really ready for it's first guest come mid November, Reed's mom and dad, and we couldn't be more excited!

The girls are just growing like weeds and popping out teeth like there is no tomorrow. Kaylee is getting her second set of bottom teeth and Grace is getting all 4 of her top front teeth all at once. They are handling it like rock stars and not even complaining about the pain (lucky me, I know). And they love testing them out on our new coffee table... poor thing doesn't stand a chance.

They are both now standing for up to a minute all by them selves and they get really excited when we clap for them! They also love, love love the camera. As you can tell in the pictures we took of them this weekend that they are big hams in the camera. Also they have finally graduated from the baby tub to the inflateable tub to the big tub! I hope to get pictures of that soon.

Other than that enjoy the pictures...

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Nikki Nichole said...

I think your blog is too cute!! Those sweet, precious little girls are so adorable and growing up sooo fast!! =)