Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Pregnant Lady!

Reed and I have figured out how to go back to working with my midwife to proceed with a homebirth! We couldn't be happier! I love the idea of being at home during and after the birth of my son, I hate hospitals! Don't get me wrong, I love them when I need them, but for my birth I don't feel like I need them!

Oh, and my mom agreed to come and fly out a week before and stay some time after the baby is born! I am so happy to have my mom by my side once again!

Goodbye hospital and HELLO being in my own bed at home!


swampabst said...

Glad to hear you worked it out. I'll be thinking and praying for yall. Just remember, Richarda is an excellent name. It means "brilliant one" in all languages!!!

Cutest Twins Ever said...

You are a brave lady! I wish you the best and I'm glad you are able to make your birthplan work for you and your budding family!

Stephanie said...

How did you manage that? Will you do a water birth? I'm thinking of looking into a birthing center - sort of a compromise with hospital-loving husband and freaked-out wife (me). I think you'll do amazing. Want to be my doula?