Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009... What a blast!

This Halloween was so much fun! I started out by making orange rice crispy treats in the shape of pumpkins, scary cat, ghost and moons... all with black and orange Halloween sprinkles on top of course! Then I made orange colored pancakes for the girls, kinda wonder what color their P**P will be in the morning. Then we decided to let the girls help us gut and carve pumpkins which was a huge mess but the girls had a blast! Grace just loved playing in the guts and Kaylee liked pulling them out and sticking the guts and seeds to her!

Then Reed and I cleaned up the girls and baked our pumpkin seeds and decorated our front porch for the trick or treaters.

After dinner we got the girls dressed and went around the neighborhood and collected our candy. We were not sure if the girls would understand what we were doing or enjoy walking around but they did. They would walk up to the doors and ring the doorbells and say "treat, treat" and "hi" and hold out their bags and get the candy then they would say "thank you" and then "bye-bye" we did it for an hour and this is what we came home with!



swampabst said...

"Hi, treat, treat, bye!"...I wish I could've been there to see it. I'm very jealous. The girls looked too cool. Can't wait til yall get back to Texas--R

Stephanie said...

They're so sweet! So, what color was their poop after all... ha ha ha ha! Looks like they had a wonderful Halloween and will be able to teach baby brother all about it next year!