Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Begining to look a lot like ... FALL

The season has most definitely changed here in VA! We are now in the mist of fall colors and beautiful weather! As you can see:

Reed, the girls and I are all doing well. We all just got over some small sickness but other than that we are just enjoying each others company. Reed and I have also figured out that we are 99% positive we will be moving back to Texas come March/April. Reed's boss is most likely going to open a new Houston branch for Reed to run or there is a small possibility that he might open it in San Antonio, but whatever the case we will be in home in Texas once more! Now we could have a choice in Houston or San Antonio so if you would like to give your two-cents as to the city you would prefer us to live in let us know!

Baby boy Murray is also doing very well and is very active inside my tummy, most day's I think the is either moving furniture or practicing for the gymnastics team! Like the forgetful pregnant lady that I am, I completely blanked the fact I had a doctor's appointment today so hopefully I can reschedule that soon. I am feeling well, just uncomfortable and fat... lol... here are some pictures of baby boy Murray at 26.5 weeks along!

26.5 weeks 10/21/09


The Fenner's said...

You look great, I love the purple against the orange pumpkins!:)

swampabst said...

I'm just excited you're moving back to Texas! I have heard that the drivers in Houston are pretty wild though. Plus SA has the River Walk and the Alamo. --R

Stephanie said...

You look wonderful! Much more comfortable than you did with the girls by this point. Wonder why.