Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nesting Like a Mad Woman!

Over the past few days/weeks my nesting instinct has gotten stronger and stronger. I think I am nesting this early because I know the longer I wait the harder it is for me to move around and get things done... Like the other night I just couldn't take it any longer so I, by myself, rearranged all the furniture in our room to make room for the baby and the rocker. I probably shouldn't be moving furniture all on my own but I did. I also went to the store and bought everything I needed for the first few months for Mr. Baby! He is all set! Now all I need to do is order my home birthing kit and get my house ready for the birth! Oh, and buy my mom's plane ticket!

On another note I had my 30/31 week appointment this Saturday with my midwife and things are looking great! I am measuring 33 weeks but I think we all know that I am just huge. I will try to get a picture posted with this blog tomorrow... (no promises) I love going to her house for the appointments, I get to sit on a comfy couch and chat and lie on a cozy bed for my exams, and she has a ton of toys for the girls to keep them occupied... no stupid doctors office would have that! I am so excited to have this home birth! It is going to be amazing! Now I just need to brush up on the Bradley Method a little bit! I can't believe we only have 9 more weeks, or 62 more days, or 2 months left... what ever works for you... i am a little nervous but I am ready to meet this little boy of mine!

We are just getting ready for Thanksgiving! We spent all weekend buying groceries and doing a ton of shopping. We are not going anywhere or having anyone over this year it is just going to be Reed, the girls and I. I am totally cool with that because it gives me a chance to cook a full T-day meal and see how it turns out. I have done this twice before with some help but never on my own... less pressure.

Oh, if I hadn't mentioned it before Reed's boss just informed us that we will be moving to San Antonio, Texas at the end of February!!!! We are so excited to be back in Texas again!!! Although the thought of moving a month after Mr. Baby gets here is a little overwhelming but I am always up for a challenge... Anyone wanna pitch in and help?

Because of the move Reed and I have decided to hold off on buying Mr. Baby any furniture or anything other than necessities right now, in order to avoid extra stuff to have to move! But we did decide on a theme for his room, we are going to get all of Reed's old boyscout patches and memorbillia and frame them all aroud the room... We don't want a camping theme but more of a wilderness theme like trees, animals, nature... things along those lines! But all that planning will have to wait until we get to our new place in San Antonio...


Anjea said...

Tell Reed congrats on the job for me! That's awesome! SA is just down the road from Austin... :D

That's neat that you're doing a home birth. Props to you!

Cutest Twins Ever said...

I remember that nesting feeling. It's crazy how your body tells you to get ready girl! He's coming, yeah!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm so excited for you guys! It'll be nice to have you "closer"...

Wow - can't believe he'll be here in just a few more weeks!!!!