Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a healthy baby....

BOY!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't be happier and more excited! I posted all of the images below of our baby boy! At the end of the blog I posted a picture of me when I was pregnant with the twins at 2o weeks and me currently pregnant with one baby at 20 weeks, and I have to say I don't notice much of a difference... let me ask for some prayers that I don't get to be 52" around again with one baby! lol



Baby boy's foot

It's a Boy! "The Money Shot!"
Me at 20 weeks 9-8-09
This is me currently 20 weeks pregnant with our baby boy 9-8-09

and just for comparison, this is me pregnant at 20 weeks with the twins! 10-22-07



swampabst said...

Congratulations! Reed has been quiet on the name. Just remember, Richarda works just as well for a guy too. --R

Stephanie said...

Nah, forget Richard. Or Richarda. Use Stephen! Make his middle name something with an A so his initials are SAM, just like mine... :-D

Whoever suggested Richard/Richarda is obviously not "all there." A few sandwiches short of a tea party, if you ask me.

Anjea said...

I found y'all through Steph's blog - congratulations! And the twins certainly looked like they had a great time!