Monday, September 21, 2009

Twin and Baby Boy Murray Update

This Friday I had a prenatal appointment with the doctor and they said everything was looking good and I was measuring 22 cm and the heartbeat sounded great! I have only gained like 2 lbs since i found out I was pregnant and she wanted to see me gain more than that but I still had some previous baby weight on me so I just figure I already had some meat on these old bones and no need to gain much weight yet... lol

The girls also had their 18th month appointment and as usual they are off the charts in height and weight.

Grace is 34.5" (off the charts) and 26.5 lbs (90%tile)
Kaylee is 34" (97%tile) and 24.5 lbs (50%tile)

The doctor said that she was noticing that Grace is slightly knocked-kneed and that we need to keep her from sleeping on her knees at night and keep her sitting during the day with legs out strait in front of her or crossed leg. She also noted that Kaylee is very very flat footed and that we just need to watch her as she got older to make sure it didn't cause her any problems.

Other than that they are healthy and happy toddlers...


swampabst said...

Excellent! Glad everything continues to go well. Sorry that the animals at the zoo weren't more exciting. Maybe next time.--R

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous gals! Great to hear the news about Baby Boy Murray! (*COUGH*) STEPHEN MURRAY for his way cool Auntie Steph. (*COUGH*)

swampabst said...

Don't listen to this Stephanie person. Richard/a is the perfect name. I just have a feeling! --R

Missie said...

Very precious girls! And, you look great.. in the zoo picture with your cute little belly!
Hope all is well.. are you four/five still moving to Houston?