Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend of fun Part I: VA-Beach Aquarium

Reed and I took at two day mini vacation to Virginia Beach two weekends ago! One of our first stops was at the Aquarium there by our hotel. The girls had a great time running around the place and looking a live animals instead of seeing them only in books or on TV! But mainly I think they just like running around! The aquarium it self was okay and had some neat stuff to see in there like sharks, huge sea turtles and lots of fish, but about a 1/3 of their exhibits were "under construction" so there wasn't a lot to see... I think we should of gotten a discount for that! Oh, well.

Enjoy the pictures

Do you see Kaylee's sweet reflexion in the glass?
The girls spent 15 minutes running/laughing going back and forth pressing the two black button... we paid $30 to let them press buttons!

K & G enjoying the fish tanks!

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