Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend of fun Part II: VA-Beach

The first night we were there we finally got out to the beach 1/2 hour before it got dark and tried to get in some beach fun and just to get the girls feet wet! Grace loved the waves coming into shore and we had to hold her back from just diving head first into the water! Kaylee didn't like it as much so she just played in the sand and built sandcastles!

The next morning we ate breakfast and went and played in the Ocean! It was a beautiful day and the waves were huge, at least 6-8' high!!! Me and Kaylee spend most of the morning playing in the sand with other kids and Dad and Grace played on the shoreline and let the waves crash and hit them!

It was fun playing on the beach and in the ocean with the girls but cleaning sand off of two 18 month olds and yourself is not so much fun... lots of tears from everyone... lol

Enjoy the pictures!

Kaylee being Kaylee
Grace giving us her best end!

Grace throwing sand in the air

Dad and Grace enjoying the ocean!

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