Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update on Baby Murray # 3

I am 20 weeks now and have been feeling better this past month, well better than the first 15 weeks! I am still having a hard time finding food I can eat without making wanna vomit, and I am already uncomfortable unfortunately and having a hard time sleeping and my hips/shoulders hurt all night long when I sleep. We are feeling the baby move more and more everyday and now Reed can feel baby murray all the time! Other than that everything is going well.

We have decided to use the hospital here for our delivery due our health insurance company refusing to pay our midwife at all, we are not particularly happy about that but who know it could be for some other reason God has for us?

We are having a sonogram done on this Tuesday, September 8Th to find out the sex! We are so excited!


swampabst said...

Sept. 8th? I'm excited for you two. :) Keep us informed. I hope Grace feels better after her accident--Richard

Cutest Twins Ever said...

How exciting!!! Sorry about the midwife, but you're so right. You never know but it could be a good move. I hope to hear about baby Murray. Do you want me to send you boy vibes? I got plenty of em over here!!! Miss our gf's!